Can an Air Filter be Cleaned and Reused?

Handling a filter can damage its integrity, so instead of cleaning a disposable air filter, it is best to discard it and replace it with a new one. On the other hand, high-performance air filters are designed to be reused and can be cleaned every one to three months. Homeowners should note that both reusable and disposable air filters are available. When cleaning a reusable air filter, it is important to ensure that it is an air filter designed to be reused.

Hitting the filter against a hard surface to remove dirt and visible debris can cause damage on its own. Careful and thorough cleaning of these filters is a must. Note that the filter also removes impurities that accumulate inside the air conditioning system. Mold that grows inside the filters inside the air conditioner creates the possibility for spores to travel through the ducts.

When not cleaned frequently, all the particles extracted from the indoor air slowly begin to clog the filter and reduce its efficiency, which means that the longer the time between cleanings, the less efficient the air conditioner will be. Standard pleated paper filters should not be washed with soap and water, as this will affect the way air flows through the filter. Placing a wet filter inside an air conditioning system is counterproductive. Your HVAC system's air filter is a critical component that helps keep Rockledge, Florida air healthy and clean.

From one maintenance period to the next, air conditioning filters trap a large number of types of contaminants and other debris, and these particles are often trapped far below the surface, in the filter fibers. Contact Ellington Air Condition& Heat at (32) 248-4838 for quick diagnosis and cleaner air solution. If you're uncomfortable with home maintenance, you can even have your HVAC repair technician in Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe or Mesa do it safely for you. New air filters can be purchased at home improvement stores or your local HVAC contractor.