Does Aftermarket Car Filters Void Your Warranty?

It's a common question that customers ask, but the answers are often ambiguous or misleading. Dealers and OEMs may lead consumers to believe that using aftermarket products will void a vehicle's warranty, making them equate aftermarket products with lower quality rather than required standards. This statement is not true; using a different brand of replacement filters will not void the warranty. Installing high-performance air filters won't affect your insurance if you can return your car to the factory before claiming it.

If you have installed irreversible aftermarket modifications, it will definitely affect your car insurance. It's important to keep the receipts and other documents you obtained to change the filters; these tests would be your backup if your dealership tries to deny you having your car fixed for free. For example, installing an aftermarket air cleaner may void the air cleaner and air box warranty, but not the entire car warranty. Cold air intake filters are more complex and require more piping, which could result in you being unable to return your car to its original shape.

However, if the newly installed air filter causes any damage or malfunction in the car, the warranty will not cover it. Whatever interval you have for yours, changing the filter yourself is quite easy and won't void your car's warranty. You should notify your insurance company that you have installed a high-performance air filter in your car to avoid complications if things get complicated.