Do Air Conditioner Filters Need to be Dry?

Cleaning air conditioner filters is an important part of keeping your home air clean and your air conditioning unit running efficiently. To avoid any mold problems, it's important to turn off the system, unscrew the ventilation grilles, and remove the filter. Vacuuming off dust and dirt is a great way to start, but some filters may need to be soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar and cleaned with a hose. It's essential that the filters are completely dry before putting them back in place.

Never attempt to clean the filter in an attempt to dry it, as this can damage the delicate surface of the filter. This is especially important for window air conditioners, as they are close to the moving parts of the air conditioner. Cleaning air conditioner filters is not complicated, but it's easy to forget about it. Dirty filters cause the system to work inefficiently and can endanger your health.

If someone in your household is very allergic to dust, you should replace the air filter more often. You can also have air filters behind the return grille, which is the large ventilation grille through which air enters. When cleaning your air conditioner filters, make sure to keep the unit turned off so that dirty air doesn't circulate around your home. There are different types of air filters available, and while many are disposable and cannot be cleaned, washable air filters are becoming more common.

If you don't clean the air conditioner filters regularly, dirt reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner. Never use a pressurized cleaner on an air cleaner; they are too delicate for any high-pressure hose. As always, read the operating instructions for the air conditioner to make sure that the water does not damage the filter. Dirt and dust accumulated on the oven air filter will restrict airflow, causing heat to build up in the heat exchanger.

The first step in cleaning your air conditioner filters is to make sure you know where they are located in your home. Keeping them clean will help your air conditioning unit work more efficiently and help your filters last longer. Air conditioners rely on filters to trap dirt and debris that would otherwise circulate along with fresh air. Most homeowners tend to forget to change their filters until their unit stops working.